Our mission is to apply our cumulative knowledge and expertise to craft identities, collateral and spaces that are true to your culture and resonate with your audience. We are a cross-disciplinary design practice composed of architectural, graphic and website designers. This blend of skills allows us to create comprehensive and meaningful branding programs that extend from graphic identities to architecture. We seek clients who share our passion for design and our commitment to sustainable approaches to each new challenge.

Shaw Jelveh Design is a sustainable design firm, committed to using materials and processes that are responsible and low impact to the environment. We take steps every day to fulfill this commitment:


Aron Fay, Jane Youn, Majid Jelveh, Leah Prehn, Andy Mangold, Marybeth, Rebecca Irish, 2010


Colin Dunn, Marybeth, Andy Mangold, Leah Prehn, Majid Jelveh, Nick Chow, Bryan Connor, 2009


Jonnie Hallman, Eric Karnes, Marybeth, Nick Chow, 2007


Eric Karnes, Marybeth, Bruce Willen, 2005